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Forty Acres Fresh Market News May 30, 2024

Join Our Team Today!

Produce Stand Manager

Starting at $20/hour

22-25 hours per week

May 15 - October 31

Forty Acres Fresh Market is looking for the right person to manage our produce stand at The Austin Town Hall Farmers Market.

The Produce Stand Manager job is a seasonal, part-time position, running from now through November 1. The successful candidate will have experience with vending at farmers markets, tracking inventory, and customer service. Knowledge of sourcing is a huge plus.

Do you know know the right person for our team? Are you the right person. Click below for full job descriptions and applications.


Stay In Your Lane!

Cannellini Bean Salad with veggies
Cannellini Bean Salad

This year you've finally moved up from "bring the chips" to "you can bring a dish." Don't get cocky though. This is not your time to try to bring the potato salad. Bring this bean salad to the function. Everyone will love it, and no one will accuse you of not knowing your place in the side dish hierarchy.


You Keep Forgetting To Remember

a Black woman handing a Black man a box of produce
Delivery straight to your door

You loved your Forty Acres Fresh Market delivery. “This is the only way I want to shop for produce from now on,” you said, then made a mental note to shop with Forty Acres again.

Two weeks pass. Of course you forgot to place another order and dinner needs to be on the table TO-NIGHT.

Your memory will let you down, so stop relying on it. Sign up for a Forty Acres Fresh Market delivery subscription so you never have to remember to place your order again.

With weekly, biweekly, and monthly delivery options, fresh produce can magically appear on your doorstep right when you need it. So while it is on your mind, click that button below and set yourself up for fresh success.


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