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Forty Acres Fresh Market News May 2, 2024

JC Rules! JT Drools!

a bunch of ramps on a brown table
JT Inspired Our Ramen Recipe

It's MAY! Our newest recipe was inspired by the most overrated member of N'Sync, and his awful noodle hair circa 2000. You're not in college anymore. It's time for you to stop eating like you are. Get ready to toss those "flavor" packets in the trash. It's time for a flavorful noodle dish without all the high blood pressure.


Let's Take a Walk Through The Walk-In

The inner door of a walk-in cooler with Safe Guard latch instructions
Safety First With Our Brand New Walk-In!

Watching the store transform from a Salvation Army Thrift Store to a grocery store is so exciting! When we heard that one of the walk-in coolers was being put in, we went full-on nerd and drove to see it in real life. Check out the brief video tour and geek out with us. We have a walk-in, y'all!


Time To Eat The Rainbow!

a produce box full of purple asparagus
Purple Asparagus Is Here!

The Midwest growing season has arrived. It kicked off a few weeks ago with ramps and is now shifting into high gear with the first asparagus harvests. This week we have purple asparagus from Mick Klug Farm!

Purple asparagus not only has a different hue, but also a different flavor profile to green asparagus. Milder in flavor than its green cousin, purple asparagus is also a bit sweeter, and little bit nutty.

The purple color does dissipate once cooked. You can keep the purple color when you eat it raw in a salad, or by doing a quick blanch and shock.

If you've never tried purple asparagus before, now's the time to make your purple dreams come true! Get yourself a $20 Mix It Up Box and request purple asparagus in your order!

a gif on how to make special requests
Put Your Request In The Order Notes


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