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Forty Acres Fresh Market News February 1, 2024

We're Hiring!

job posting for a business operations associate position at Forty Acres Fresh Market
Come work with us!

Do you want to be part of building a business that is a catalyst for community change? Do you believe that everyone should be able to get affordable fresh food in their neighborhood? If so then this is the company for you.

Forty Acres is is expanding our team and seeking a Business Operations Associate (BOA) to assist in operations for delivery service and market. This role includes working with management to fulfill delivery orders and operate pop up markets and produce stands. Everyday brings something new. This job will develop your skills across a variety of areas including customer service, cashiering, inventory management, and merchandising. Wage: ($17/hr + tips)

Valid Driver’s License is required to fulfill job duties such as inventory pickup, deliveries, and working popup markets (transporting equipment and inventory, picking up supplies like ice, etc)

Head to our website for the full job description and application.


Layers On Layers On Layers: A Casserole Story

Eggplant lasagna
No noodles leaves more room for cheese!

We love casseroles in the winter. Just one slice of a Deep Dish Casserole* can keep you feeling warm and cozy for hours. Our recipe for eggplant lasagna starts with a homemade sauce, uses roasted eggplant instead of pasta sheets, and builds layers upon layers of flavor. This hearty meal will have you saying "deep dish who?"

*The person writing this is from the East Coast and will not apologize for speaking their truth about deep dish "pizza".


Who's Getting Your GOGO?

When you add a Get One Give One (GOGO) produce box to your order, you ensure that everyone has access to the same high-quality, nutritious food you do. Your GOGO is donated to our community partners who distribute it to our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. But where does your GOGO go?

A collage of four photos with people at an indoor food distribution event
Sustenance For The Soul Monday Distribution

photos courtesy of Reshorna Fitzpatric, Executive Pastor

Reshorna Fitzpatrick is the Executive Pastor at the historic Stone Temple Baptist Church in North Lawndale. In 2020 she started Sustenance for The Soul Monday in response to community needs during the pandemic. On Mondays folks can come get a bag lunch, hot meal, household items, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

"There's not a store around here that sells fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of the fruit and vegetables participants get come from the Forty Acres Fresh Market GOGO boxes" says Reshorna. The Pastor goes on to say "We have regulars, but we also get new people every week. The influx of migrants has increased the number of people who come by."

For this community partnership instead of delivering individual boxes with fruits and vegetable we drop off an aggregate of GOGO box contents to the church. This gives the participants more choice in what works best for their family, and how much they may need.

Pastor Reshorna says, "We don't have leftovers. People are asking for the fresh produce. They want to get more oranges and collard greens."

Purchase a GOGO box today and stay true to your belief that everyone deserves access to healthy food.


It's What's On The Inside That Counts

A first look at what's in store at Forty Acres Fresh Market

exterior renderings of forty acres fresh market store
If you think it's pretty on the outside, just wait until you see the interior!

After countless revisions, the store's interior design is complete. Stop imagining what your neighborhood grocery store will look like and start picturing yourself in this unbelievable space.


Let's get social!

When you follow us on social media, you get to experience a different side of Forty Acres Fresh Market. We've got videos and photos that are not included in our weekly newsletter or even on our blog. We also love seeing what you're up to, so go ahead and tag us in your Forty Acres related content. You can follow us on TikTok , Instagram , Facebook , and even Twitter*. *We know that the name has changed, but just as you won't hear us calling the Sears Tower Willis Tower, you won't hear us talking about 'X' without Malcom in front of it.


We Want To Know What You Think!

Have you got questions, or maybe you just want to tell us what's on your mind. Well, we want to hear all about it! Speak on it in the comment section below.

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Thanks for the ongoing store updates. It's exciting to see the progress, at whatever pace it's being made. Your endurance and patience are inspirational.

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