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Forty Acres Fresh Market News December 21st, 2023

Don't Forget To Give Yourself a Gift

Give yourself the gift of health, wealth, time. When you start a Forty Acres Fresh Market produce box subscription, you save time at the grocery store by getting fabulous fruit and veggies delivered directly to your door. You're improving your health by eating nutrient-dense food. Best of all, when you cook at home more you save money by eating out less. Join more than 500 Chicagoans who have decided to shop local and buy fresh with a Forty Acres Fresh Market delivery subscription.

Fruits and veggies spread out on a brown table

Spread The Health

You are intentional about creating the type of world you want to live in. While you know you can’t save the world, you want to make an impact in your corner of it.

Shop with intention this holiday season at Forty Acres Fresh Market. Not only can you purchase high-quality, nutrient-rich, fresh produce for yourself, you can also spread the health to neighbors experiencing food insecurity by purchasing a Get One Give One (GOGO) produce box. Every GOGO box that you purchase ensures that everyone has access to the same high-quality food. The cherry on top? You are strengthening your community’s economy by shopping with a local Black woman-owned grocery business.


A person on a loading dock handing a box of produce to a woman
GOGO boxes getting picked up


Everybody Eats

We've all got that one person on our gifting list that's hard to shop for. What are you gonna get Aunt Gerry? What do you get for all of those dang cousins? The solution is clear: gift cards from Forty Acres Fresh Market! Pick up a bit of their grocery tab with a gift card to shop at Chicago's best produce market. The best part is you have the option to purchase an electronic gift card that's as fast to send as the click of an email so they'll get their gift in time for Christmas!

gif with a green background. In yellow the test says put something delicious in their stocking. There is a brown crate filled with veggies that animate up and down
Give the gift of fresh produce!


Dress Fresh!

Show your love of your favorite grocery business by gifting yourself and everyone on your list swag from Forty Acres Fresh Market. Select from a Forty Acres Fresh Market t-shirt, or add a layer with a hoodie (complete with kangaroo pocket). We’re offering our customers a discount on Forty Acres Fresh Market apparel. Use discount code: SAVEONSTYLE during checkout to get 10% off Forty Acres Fresh Market apparel. Use the link below to give the gift of style.

a Black man with arm outstretched is wearing a black t-shirt with the Forty Acres Fresh Market logo
On my mama, on my hood. You'll look fly. You'll look good


Let's get social!

When you follow us on social media you get to experience a different side of Forty Acres Fresh Market. We've got videos and photos that are not included in our weekly newsletter or even on our blog. We also love seeing what you're up to, so go ahead and tag us in your Forty Acres related content. You can follow us on TikTok , Instagram , Facebook , and even Twitter*. *We know that the name has changed, but just as you won't hear us calling the Sears Tower 'Willis Tower, you won't hear us talking about 'X' without Malcom in front of it.


We Want To Know What You Think!

Did you find a great gift for everyone on your list? Maybe you have questions, or just want to tell us what's on your mind. Well, we want to hear all about it! Speak on it in the comment section below.


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