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Forty Acres Fresh Market News February 15, 2024

We're Hiring!

job posting for a business operations associate position at Forty Acres Fresh Market
Come work with us!

Do you want to be part of building a business that is a catalyst for community change? Do you believe that everyone should be able to get affordable fresh food in their neighborhood? If so then this is the company for you.

Forty Acres is is expanding our team and seeking a Business Operations Associate (BOA) to assist in operations for delivery service and market. This role includes working with management to fulfill delivery orders and operate pop up markets and produce stands. Everyday brings something new. This job will develop your skills across a variety of areas including customer service, cashiering, inventory management, and merchandising. Wage: ($17/hr + tips)

Valid Driver’s License is required to fulfill job duties such as inventory pickup, deliveries, and working popup markets (transporting equipment and inventory, picking up supplies like ice, etc)

Head to our website for the full job description and application.



someone holding a bunch of asparagus towards the sky
It's the Circle of Life! And it moves us all! Through despair and hope

After days of grey winter skies the sun shines through the clouds and Violet brings a bunch of asparagus from the cold refrigeration of the warehouse into the light! It has been so long since you've had asparagus on the menu. Too long.

You know that asparagus is full of amino acids and fiber but did you know that asparagus is chock full of folate? Folate helps the brain create dopamine and serotonin. We can't guarantee asparagus will cure your seasonal depression but it couldn't hurt.

two bunches of asparagus on a wooden board
Asparagus brings the fiber and the folate!

And not to toot our own horn, but at Forty Acres we got the good asparagus. There are no spindly spears over here. These stalks are thick, hearty, and cut to last for a bit.

Purchase a $20 Veggie Box for delivery to your door and ask to have asparagus included. This time of year you can use all the dopamine you can get!


Who Are You Calling A Tart?!

vegetable tart with puff pastry and balsamic glaze
Asparagus tart with plant-based Boursin cheese

What are your plans for using the asparagus you just got in your delivery? This week's recipe for asparagus tart is a great way to use those stalks. Add some bell pepper, mushroom, and shallot and you've got a healthy meal full of veggies. This tart works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it's vegan to boot!


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