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Forty Acres Fresh Market News March 29, 2024

Full Hearts! Open Laptops! Can't Lose!

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We want your reviews!

One of our most frequently asked questions is "Can I volunteer with Forty Acres?" While we appreciate the enthusiasm, we have to say no. Just like Jewel or Mariano's, Forty Acres Fresh Market is a grocery business and can't accept volunteers.

The best way for you to lend a hand and support the city's only Black woman-owned grocery business is to shop with us and spread the word and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to shop with us too.

For us, nothing beats the word-of-mouth of a Google review. A 5-star review is a great way to share your love of Forty Acres with the world, and helps us with SEO and algorithms, and all sorts of marketing stuff.

If you have shopped with us, please tell others about your experience by leaving us a 5-star Google review. Thank you!


Two Side Dishes Are Better Than None

a BLT, glazed carrots, and Brussels sprouts on a blue plate
Carrots and Brussels Sprouts

This week we're giving you two delicious veggie side dishes in one. Brown sugar glazed carrots bring sweetness and cozy vibes. Brussels sprouts get smashed, crisped in the air fryer and seasoned with nutritional yeast. Both of these sides belong in your side dish rotation!


Use Your Link Card And Double Up!

A person shopping for fresh produce with a sign that reads we accept Illinois Link
Let's Link UP!

Did you know that you can use your Link card for Forty Acres Fresh Market delivery*? Use your card to purchase one-time orders or subscriptions and as a bonus, you will earn Link Match coupons** to spend on more produce.

Here is how it works. Let's say you buy a $20 Veggie Box. We will match your purchase dollar for dollar up to $10 dollars. That means you'll receive $10 in coupons to use for a future produce purchase**.

Double your purchasing power without doubling your spend!

*Link card cannot be used towards the delivery fee 

**Link Match Coupons for can only be used to purchase produce


Let's get social!

When you follow us on social media, you get to experience a different side of Forty Acres Fresh Market. We've got videos and photos that are not included in our weekly newsletter or even on our blog. We also love seeing what you're up to, so go ahead and tag us in your Forty Acres related content. You can follow us on TikTok , Instagram , Facebook , and even Twitter*. *We know that the name has changed, but just as you won't hear us calling the Sears Tower Willis Tower, you won't hear us talking about 'X' without Malcom in front of it.


We Want To Know What You Think!

Have you got questions, or maybe you just want to tell us what's on your mind. Well, we want to hear all about it! Speak on it in the comment section below.


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