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Forty Acres Fresh Market News March 15, 2024

GOGO For Fresh Produce!

a room filled with crates of fresh vegetables on tables
GOGO Greens!

You have told us that you shop with Forty Acres Fresh Market because you believe in our mission of "Fresh food for all because every hood should be healthy." It is time for you to become an active participant in getting fresh produce to your neighbors by purchasing a Get One Give One (GOGO) produce box.

When you add a GOGO produce box to your order, you ensure that everyone has access to the same high-quality, nutritious food that you do. Your GOGO is donated to our community partners who distribute it to your neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

Purchase a GOGO box today and support others in reaching their healthy eating goals too.


Don't Let Your Kids Have Sonic Screwdrivers

chicken and vegetable burrito bowl
Chicken Burrito Bowl

It's coming. You've sprung your clocks forward and now spring break is here. The kids are going to be home and during school breaks their stomachs become as expansive as the Tardis.

It is time to start stocking your fridge and freezer with extra supplies to try to sate the never-ending appetites of your offspring and their visiting friends.

Make a bunch of burritos, then wrap them in parchment paper and pop them in the freezer. Next time your bottomless pit says "I'm starving" you've got a simple, healthy, and cost effective way to satisfy their appetite.


Calling All Vendors!

Austin town hall farmers market logo with a photo of pear, pineapple, and cabbage
The Farmers Market Is Coming

The Austin Town Hall City Market has a vision: To create access for residents to patronize farms, and local business owners by purchasing fresh, locally grown produce, prepared foods, baked goods, artisanal items, vegan, and value-added products.

Applications are now open for the 2024 market. If you are a farmer, baker, or candlestick maker looking to sell your products, this is your opportunity to submit your application! The first market of the season is June 6th, so get those applications in today!


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