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On December 28, 2023 Forty Acres Fresh Market was awarded Business of the Year by the Austin African American Business Network Association (AAABNA)! Founder and owner Liz was there to accept the award, with the Forty Acres team in attendance for moral support...and the delicious dinner that was served.

an award with an African figure on a hand-sized plinth. The engraving reads: Business of the year award presented to Elizabeth Abunaw for your tenacity, dedication, and vision to a better and healthier Austin community. Presented by the Austin African American Business Network Association. December 28, 2023

three women standing together in front of green french doors and a brick wall
Celebrating with Team Lead AJ (r) and Marketing Lead Agela (l)

The award ceremony was part of AAABNA's annual Kwanzaa gala, held at Austin's historic Columbus Park Refectory. If you missed the festivities, you can watch Liz's acceptance speech!

Why is Forty Acres Fresh Market Austin's business of the year? Maybe it is the freshness. It could be the reliability. Perhaps it is the personal customer service. It might be the value. Our customers say it is all of the above and more! Find out for yourself why there's something about Forty by starting your own produce delivery subscription today!

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