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400 Years to Forty Acres

Breaking New Ground With Our Groundbreaking

image of baskets full of fresh produce
Fresh produce display at the groundbreaking event

We held our ceremonial groundbreaking on November 15th and what a time we had! Community leaders and municipal officials talked about what it means to have the brick and mortar store come to the Austin neighborhood.

two Black men standing at a podium. The one with the microphone is wearing a grey jacket and blue shirt. The man next to him is wearing a green jacket and brown trousers. They are both wearing sunglasses
(L) Morris Reed, CEO of Westside Health Authority and (R) Reverend James Coleman

Thanks go out to everyone who made this special day happen! We had DJ Lipgloss bringing the vibes. Ctrl Kitchen and Two Sisters Catering brought divine dining delicacies.

A line of people standing at a buffet station filled with hot food in chafing dishes, and fresh produce
Folks Lining Up For CTRL Kitchen

a table with individually wrapped plastic cutlery. There are individual containers of banana pudding on the table and an informational flyer with the name of the business and different ways to get in touch with them.
Desserts from Two Sisters Catering

A Black woman with short hair is in a DJ area with equipment. She is speaking into a microphone
DJ Lipgloss

We brought a mountain of fresh produce and each attendee received a Forty Acres Fresh Market reusable insulated bag to shop the display. Our guests ate and left no crumbs. Literally.

A Black man wearing sunglass, a blue jacket, and grey trousers holds up a reusable insulated tote bag with the Forty Acres Fresh Market logo
Getting Ready To Fill Their Bag

Two Black women and a Black man open their bags to fill them with fresh produce
Filling Their Bags With Fresh Produce

We would like to thank Flowers Communications Group for planning a fantastic program complete with an art installation that told the story of Forty Acres. Special thank you to Westside Health Authority for being the best development partner we could have asked for on this project. If you were not able to celebrate with us in person, watch this Westside Health Authority created highlight video to see the festivities.


Did you attend the 400 Years to Forty Acres groundbreaking event? Leave a comment to tell us what you are most looking forward to about the brick and mortar store.

And remember, the store may not be open, but Forty Acres Fresh Market is with our produce box delivery service. Get fresh produce delivered to your door in just a few clicks.


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