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Get Ready To Ramp Up Flavor!

Known as wild leeks of wild garlic, ramps are an amazing member of the allium family. These amazing flavor bombs are foraged in New England and in some parts of eastern Canada. Their flavor is garlicky and bright and you can use them in all sorts of ways. This recipe for compound butter is a great way to incorporate ramps into your dishes now and to keep the flavors going after the season has passed.

Butter made with springtime ramps
Ramp compound butter


  • 8 oz. salted butter of your choice

  • ⅛ lb. cleaned springtime ramps

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  1. Take your butter out of the fridge and let is soften at room temperature DO NOT MELT YOUR BUTTER! You just want the butter to be soft and malleable.

  2. Clean your ramps. To do this you can use a wet paper towel to get the dirt off of the stem and bulb. DO NOT SOAK YOUR RAMPS! Ramps are delicate babies and don't need to be soaked like leeks do. Just clean the outside and cut off the root

  3. In a small food processor chop the entire ramp until it looks like confetti

  4. Put your room temperature butter in a bowl and, using a spatula, blend the ramps into the butter.

  5. Butter can be used straight away, or wrapped in parchment paper and frozen


A Small Ramp Cleaning Tutorial

Use your ramps within a few days of receiving them. To store them, wrap the bulbs with a slightly damp paper towel and place the ramps into a plastic storage bag, root first. DO NOT seal the bag! Doing so will add to much moisture to the leaves and will have them wilt and turn not great shades of green.


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