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Delivery That's Worth The Fee

Finally! Grocery delivery how you want it, where you want it, and when you want it. See why people say Forty Acres Fresh Market has the best produce in Chicago!

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We LOVE 40 Acres & have consistently received their produce deliveries for 2+ years - the deliveries are timely, the produce is varied & always fresh, and the value is terrific!! We also shop at 40 Acres stand at the Austin Farmer's Market to pick up items in the summer/fall. Wouldn't change a thing - great business that's great for community-building!

-Judy S.

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Thanks Forty Acres Fresh Market! All of this was just delivered to my door for $30! No trip to the grocery store for me! Let's support our local Chicago businesses especially those on a mission like this company!! Check out their page and order. Let's keep this money circulating locally!! This is gonna last me for a good minute. THANK YOU!!!!

-Kimberly O. 

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Forty Acres is amazing! When Instacart and Amazon couldn't get to me during the pandemic, Forty Acres stayed strong. Do yourself a favor and stop buying chain grocery store produce that's already bad on the shelf, and buy Forty Acres instead. Forty Acres has amazing quality control, and their staff is the best! 

-Karla Y. 

$25 with DELIVERY for all these fresh fruits and veggies! @fortyacresfreshmarket is doing amazing things for Austin, Chicago but also for the lazies like me who don’t want to take trips to the grocery store. Go support @fortyacresfreshmarket RIGHT NOW!

- IG tag: Stephasaurusx

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I rely on For Acres Fresh Market for my health, and using it makes me feel wealthy - even though I'm saving money over the grocery store. I tell everyone the good news: you can get fresh fruit and vegetables, delivered to you - even if you live on one of these neighborhoods that the mailman doesn't go to after dark. The delivery bag comes overflowing with fruit and vegetables -- so much that I can eat fruit and vegetables with every meal and have some to freeze and share. The cost is less than the grocery store.

- Jewel Y.

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