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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you deliver to me? 

    • Our delivery area covers the entire city of Chicago and the western suburbs along I-290 up to Westchester.

  • When can I expect my delivery?

    • You will receive a delivery confirmation email when you complete your order.

    • Forty Acres Fresh Market will email you to confirm your delivery date within 48 hours of placing your order.

    • Your delivery date is based on your provided availability and zip code.

    • If you signed up for a subscription you will receive a follow-up email to confirm your regular delivery day of the week.

  • Can I customize my produce box?

    • Each produce box is pre-selected by our team. You can leave instructions and special requests in the notes section of your order. Tell us what we should exclude from your box or if there is anything you enjoy. We’ll do our best to accommodate any requests based on availability.

  • Do I have to buy a produce box to order a GOGO?

    • You don’t have to get one to give one! Scroll to the Get One Give One donation boxes and order as many as you’d like to give to ensure our neighbors experiencing food insecurity have great fresh produce.

  • Is there a delivery fee for GoGo boxes?

    • If you are only ordering GOGO boxes for donation, there is no delivery fee. We will be sure to give them to our community partners who distribute them to neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

  • How will my food be packaged?

    • We aim to use as little single-use plastic as possible. Our produce is packaged in refrigerated reusable zip-up bags with pockets! Loose items are packed in small plastic produce bags. You can keep the reusable bags or return them to us to be recycled.

  • Is there a delivery fee for residential delivery?

    • Yes, delivery fees are applied to residential orders of five boxes or less and are calculated by zip code at check-out.

  • How many people does each produce box feed?

  • Is your produce certified organic?

    • We carry a mix of conventionally grown and organic produce. Our focus is on making fresh food accessible so affordability is our primary criteria for the food we purchase. The majority of our inventory is conventionally grown, but we also regularly carry organic varieties of broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and other select items. 

    • Our selection grows during the Midwest growing season (June-October) as we source more of our produce from smaller, local farms that while not "certified organic" do use sustainable growing practices. 

    • If you are interested in receiving more organic options in a delivery here are your options:

      1. Order a produce box and use the notes section of the Delivery Details page to request "any available organic produce" be included in your box.

      2. During the midwest growing season we have a seasonal specialty offering called the "Grown Good Box." This box is packed with an abundant, preselected mix of USDA organic and local produce grown using sustainable farming practices.


  • Is your produce local?

    • Forty Acres Fresh Market is committed to being part of Chicago’s food ecosystem. That’s why we partner with local growers and Chicago based wholesalers. During the growing season, we source a greater percentage of our produce directly from small local growers. Year-round we source from Chicago-based produce wholesalers who have access to growers regionally, nationally, and internationally. We define local as produce grown within a 300 mile radius of Chicago, IL. 

  • What if I’m not home when you deliver?

    • You can leave delivery instructions for our team in the notes section of your order. Our driver will confirm the delivery drop-off with you.

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